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Book review: Build Your Dream Network by J. Kelly Hoey

Does the word “networking” cause you symptoms of nausea, skin irritation and headaches? Or do you mistakenly think you’re already great at it – and yet no one is returning your calls, sharing your social media updates or taking you up on your many demands to meet for coffee? Let’s face it, even the best networkers could do with a bit of continuing professional development when it comes to networking in the digital age.

Book review: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Strictly speaking this book probably qualifies as “self-help” rather than a business book. Perhaps that classification is more to do with the gender of the author and the other kind of writing she does rather than the advice offered. Shonda Rhimes is a writer of blockbuster TV shows including Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. She has been named as one of Time magazines 100 most influential people and Fortune magazine’s 50 most powerful women in business. So she’s definitely got the credentials to write a business book as well as the writing talent to go with it. She heads up Shondaland, a television production studio, and a lifestyle and storytelling website,