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My six resolutions for the coming year

This time of year is usually a time of reflection on the previous twelve months as well as planning for the new year. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve because I don’t like the expectations that come with it. Everyone else seems to be having more fun, or is more optimistic about changing their lives based on the calendar change the following day. For me, September was always the time for setting resolutions and feeling optimistic about have better habits. No coincidence that this is when all things back to school are in full swing.

Feeling bored? Don't read this

When the work has been sent off and I’m waiting to hear back I feel like the car is stalled. I have plenty that I could do but just can’t seem to generate the momentum or motivation that I had when I was so busy just a few days earlier. They say that if you want something done you should give it to a busy person. Certainly in the weeks where I feel as though I have a lot to do I somehow manage to get more done than I ever thought possible.

How do you solve a problem like pricing?

By far the steepest learning curve in my self-employed life has been in relation to pricing my services. No matter how many articles I’ve read, seminars I’ve attended, or friends I’ve asked, I always have what can only be described as a sinking feeling when asked to quote for a type of project that I haven’t done before.

Want to find answers? Get outside

Steve Blank famously said “There are no facts inside the building so get the hell outside”.  While he was referring to customer discovery sometimes when you’re feeling stuck the only thing to do is get out of the office.  In fact, more and more research shows the importance of getting outside in generating creativity, reducing depression and even improving short term memory. Understanding this on an intellectual level is one thing, putting it into regular practice is another, especially if you work from home.  On a balmy evening in May I joined seven strangers for a Street Wisdom walk in Dublin.

Inspirefest 2018: A love letter to the launching pad of ideas

Taking place in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Inspirefest manages to feel both intimate and expansive. Connections made during the breaks and at the fringe events in the evening can lead to lifelong friendships, business partnerships, funding and the support to share a secretly guarded idea with the world. The on-stage talks form the basis for the off-stage conversations.